My Background

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I studied at the University of Pretoria where I completed a degree in Physical Education.  After I finished my degree I moved to Durban where Yoga changed my life. I Started doing Kundalini yoga while playing beach volleyball for South Africa. Sure to all the physical injuries and demands of the the sport, not only did it heal my body, but something in me began to change. I started to get to know myself and my body. In 2010 I completed the international yoga teachers training and currently teaching classes and individual yoga lessons.

I started my spiritual journey when my son was diagnosed with ADD. After two years I realized that Ritalin was doing more damage than good. It wasn't an easy journey, but I persevered. I did every course under the sun and read every possible book. My spiritual journey included my Reiki masters certificate, Kinesiology and I co-host retreats in nature for women and teenagers. The beauty of this is that my sister, Salomie, and I run a Retreat in Bela-Bela twice a year, where we teach yoga, raw food awareness, inner child activities and Native American healing.


I complete the venue in 2010 and Eagles View Yoga Studio was born in Gillitts, KwaZulu Natal. It accommodates children's programs which help bring the child back to the path of righteousness as well as daily Tai Chi classes and The Artists Way by Julia Cameron has stimulated a passionate interest in helping women.

My Approach

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I have my own yoga studio where I teach 5 days a week. I have seen what this beautiful scientific yoga can do and how it uplifts and changes your whole life.


Kundalini yoga teaches the 5 sutra's:

1 - Recognize that the other person is you

2 - There is a way through each block

3 - When the time is on you start and the pressure will be off

4 - Understand  through compassion or you will misunderstand the Times

5 - Vibrate the cosmos
The cosmos will clear the path

There is no identification for you; Except your spiritual identity

There its no grace 
For you but to learn
There is no achievement
Other than to become learned
There is no power but to share what you have learned with all and everyone
Share with compassion
You will be compensated and you will have no complex

Keep up and you will be kept up

- Yogi Bhajan

My life journey had changed since I started doing Kundalini yoga

I'm there to share, teach and uplift every yogi. Every person I deal with
is my life to serve and teach.

Sat Nam