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About Me

Chrisna Ashforth

While doing a vision quest in 2008 I was sitting on top of a mountain and after 5 days of no food and a clear mind I got the inspiration to build a sanctuary where people can come and heal. 3 Years later Eagles View was born on top of my house. I was told the right people will find the space and looking back now, like minded people gathered here for the last 10 years, therefore this space allows itself for healing and it belongs to all of us. 

I am a qualified Kinesiologist, an International Kundalini Yoga Instructor, a Body Spin Facilitator, a Bio Energy Therapist, a Hidden Mind Practitioner, and a Bach Remedy Practitioner.

About Eagles View


In the heart of Gillitts, KwaZulu Natal, Eagles View is a haven where spiritual gatherings come to life.
This lifetime dream of helping like minded people gather and share their knowledge is now a reality.
With panoramic views, an enchanting atmosphere and sacred space, Eagles View is your your dream workshop venue!


Eagles View is for people to come and learn and explore the alternative side to life.
Its a spiritual venue and the energy is positive.


I currently offer a variety of services all run under eagles view. From yoga workshops to India tours to individual yoga lessons and I am passionate about body work like Kinesiology, Hidden Mind and twice a year I facilitate Julia Cameron Workshops.


Below are the various services I offer. Please feel free to contact me for more information 


Venue Hire

+27 82 443 5875    |

4 Galloway lane, Winston Park, Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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